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Art Workshops for Children

group project
young artists in action
figure in natural size
figure in natural size
color pencils - group project
large scale paintings
Picasso inspired portraits
Picasso inspired portraits
group project 1 x 2,5 m.
seascape - group project
outer space
under water life
wax, oil pastels, watercolors
charcoal group project
color pencils
collage - c' grade



Painting and Drawing workshops

Students explore the role of the senses, emotions, creativity, and the intellect through the visual arts. In these classes children get familiar with various painting and drawing techniques and they have the chance to create with different materials. They work with acrylics, watercolors, oil pastels, soft pastels, markers, pencils, charcoal and mix techniques. They learn about color, composition, scale, proportions and they use their knowledge, experience and imagination to create their own unique piece of art. For children 3 -17 years old.

Picasso - student 5 years old
Picasso - student 4 years old
Picasso - student 4 years old

Art Masters

Inspired by famous artists

Students study the artworks of famous artists, like P.Picasso, G.Giacometti, J.Miro, H.Matis, J.Pollock and more. They get inspired and they create their own piece of artwork using various techniques and materials.

puppet making art workshop
in progress

Puppet Making

Puppet Making Art Workshop

We welcome our students to a great adventure for the imagination! Using materials ranging from paper mache, to newspaper, duct tape, or recycling materials, students will learn to design, build, and puppeteer their unique creation. With proper guidance and various techniques and mediums, students will experience what it is like to build a puppet on their own. This is a process-oriented workshop that allows students to think before carrying out each step, develop important problem-solving skills and ultimately empowers them to create with confidence..


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