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Art Workshops for Children

Clay workshop

Ancient Greek Toys & Ceramic Dolls

Parents and children are welcome for a journey in the past where they will become familiar with the ancient, Greek toys! During this art workshop, children will travel in time and secretly “visit” the studio of a ceramist in Ancient Greece. There, they will learn clay work techniques; how to soften and “glue” clay, how to make “macaroni”, balls and small “pies”. By combining these elements together, they will create a ceramic doll, an animal on wheels or a rattle! The students will learn about form, shape and texture and they will find out how color and decoration was used in ceramic art of ancient Greece.

young architects
group project
group project kindergarten


Young Architects - Art Workshop

In the Art & Architecture workshop, students learn about architecture through creativity and play. A playful approach enables children to use their innate imagination and develop their creativity; a method used to explore the world and learn naturally.   

During the workshop, children investigate the elements of architecture; the relationship between the built environment and nature, space, light and shadow, colors, shapes, materials, structures, scale and proportion, mass, opening and closure, time and movement.  Students create imaginative projects by a means of model building, using a variety of materials and sculptural methods. They explore shapes and forms and begin to understand how such forms, patterns and textures are expressed in architecture.




4 elements: earth, water, air, fire

Art workshop based on the idea of the four elements: earth, water, air and fire. 

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